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What is Critical Race Theory?

Protecting Women and Children in Sacred Public Spaces. CubanaAngel fights back.

Despite Antifa violence and terror, the plan to challenge California’s law and politicians who fail to protect women and little girls moves forward.


Los Angeles, CA —  A woman in Los Angeles was confronted with the hard truth that California legislators are failing women and little girls in the state by allowing men who identify as women to invade the safe spaces of public bathrooms and showers.


On June 23, “CubanaAngel”, as she is known on her Instagram account, encountered a man who identified as a woman in the female facilities of Wi Spa in Los Angeles after he exposed himself in front of women and children while using the jacuzzi. When CubanaAngel complained to the staff, they told her there’s nothing they can do according to state law. She then decided to record her encounter in a video that has gone viral.


A few days later, outraged community members from a diverse range of political beliefs, religions, sexual orientations and ages staged a peaceful protest in front of the spa on Saturday, July 3. The protest turned violent after Antifa organized an attack on the protesters, including violence on women and clergy members.


Despite the bloodied protests, CubanaAngel calls on anyone outraged by the unjust laws passed in the state of California that fail to protect women and girls in public spaces to stand with her. The goal is to repeal the laws and to vote against legislators who do not believe the rights of women and little girls should be protected.


“California’s Civil Code, Section 51, is an unjust law masquerading as an anti-discrimination law that disregards grandmothers, mothers, wives and little girls,” CubanaAngel said. “This is not right. We are sacrificing the safety of women and children and I am not afraid to speak,” she added.

H.R. 5 – The Equality Act

The Equality Act (H.R. 5) has long awaited its turn to revolutionize the American Way. Passed in the House of Representatives, the Act is determined to use Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (“SOGI”) to transform how we exercise religious freedom, how we raise our children, how we create or fail to create safe environments for children, and how we function in the workplace. If you didn’t know, the Equality Act, which is about everything but equality, effects you.


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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory must be explained and exposed as the most dangerous body of thought in America that divides us as Oppressors and the Oppressed.


America must not be redefined by the left. America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave-at least for now.


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S. 1. – For the People Act

“[House of Representatives Bill-1] interferes with the ability of states and their citizens to determine qualifications for voters and to ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls.” The Heritage Foundation.


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